Past Shows

2013-2014 SpeakEasy Jam Sessions

2012 SpeakEasy Events
Exposed 2012 SpeakEasy's Annual Photography Show - May 3rd-23rd, 2012
SpeakEasy SPRING ART FAIR - June 5th-12th, 2012
SpeakEasy FALL ART FAIR - November 1st-7th, 2012

2011 SpeakEasy Events:
April 7th: Spring Craft Show
May 5th: Photography Show (Part of "Contact" 11 Festival)
June 2nd: Fine Art Show
October 6th: Illustration Show
November 3rd: Comic Book Show
December 1st: Annual Holiday Sale

2010 SpeakEasy Events:
April 1st: Spring Craft Show
May 6th: Photography Show (Part of "Contact" 10 Festival)
June 3rd: Fine Art Show
October 7th: Illustration Show
November 4th: Comic Book Show
December 2nd: Annual Holiday Sale
2009 SpeakEasy Events:
April 2nd: Spring Craft Show
May 7th: Photography Show (Part of "Contact" 09 Festival)
June 4th: Fine Art Show
September 3rd: Illustration Show
October 1st: Creative Problem Solvers
November 5th: Comic Book Show
December 3rd: Annual Holiday Sale
2008 SpeakEasy Events:
March 6th: Creative Problem Solvers
April 3rd: Spring Craft Show
May 1st: Photography Show (Part of "Contact" 08 Festival)
June 5th: Drawing & Painting Show
September 4th: Illustration Show
October 2nd: Print Making Show
November 6th: Comic Book Show
December 4th: Annual Holiday Sale
2007 SpeakEasy Events:
March 1st: Fine Art
April 5th: Comic Book Show
May 3rd: Photography (Part of "Contact" 07 Festival)
June 7th: Multi Media
September 6th: Illustration
October 4th: Industrial Design
November 1st: Graphic Design
December 6th: Annual Holiday Sale
2006 SpeakEasy Events:
March 2nd: Fine Art
April 6th: Comic Book Show
May 4th: Photography (Part of "Contact" 06 Festival)
June 1st: Multi Media
September 7th: Illustration
October 5th: Industrial Design
November 2nd: Graphic Design
December 7th: Annual Holiday Sale
2005 SpeakEasy Events:
March 3rd: Fine Arts
April 7th: Comic Book Show
May 5th: Photography (Part of "Contact" 05 Festival)
June 2nd: Multi Media
September 1st: Graphic Design
October 6th: Industrial Design
November 3rd: Illustration
December 1st: 7th Annual Holiday Sale
2004 SpeakEasy Events:
March 4th: Multi Media
April 1st: Fine Arts
May 6th: Photography (Part of Contact 04 Festival)
June 3rd: 2nd Annual Summer Craft Show & Sale
September 2nd: Graphic Design
October 7th: Industrial Design
November 4th: Illustration
December 2nd: 6th Annual Holiday Sale
2003 SpeakEasy Events:
February 6th: Fashion
March 6th: Comic Books & Story Boards
April 3rd: Fine Art & Sculpture
May 1st: Photography (Contact Festival)
June 5th: Summer Craft Show & Sale
July 3rd: Multimedia
August 7th: Illustration
September 4th: Graphic Design
October 2nd: Industrial Design
November 7th: New Media
December 4th: 5th Annual Holiday Sale
2002 SpeakEasy Events:
March 7th - The Fine Arts
April 4th - Typography Exhibition
May 2nd - Photography Showcase (Part of "Contact")
June 6th - Elements
July 4th - Illustration Group Show
August 1st - Industrial Design
September 5th - Multimedia
October 3rd - 2nd Annual Art & Design Competition Winners
November 7th - Interior Design
December 5th - SpeakEasy's 4th Annual Holiday Sale

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